Arrivals, Registration and Preliminaries

Well, this part of the diary is not part of my objectives for this blog, because I intend to share the knowledge acquired from the Carnegie CPD Training here, but our first weekend in Pretoria was like a welcome period with short meetings and plenty of time to relax and prepare for the main show. But let me run you through what has happened since my last post.

At about 5:15a.m (local South African time) on Saturday May 6th, the plane conveying the Nigerian contingents for the Carnegie CPD Programme landed at the O.R. Tambo International airport, Johannesburg. Checking out of the airport was easy and the contact person from the organizers was at hand to pick us for 30-minute-or-thereabout drive to Pretoria.

Coming in early gave us the edge of settling down earlier as groups from other countries arrived quite a bit late on Saturday.

By 3.00pm same day, we were all set for the registration and it was really a pleasure for me to meet the face behind the emails, Ms. Joan De La Haye. The registration process proceeded swiftly and within 15 minutes, I was back in my room with my I.D. and some materials.

The arrival day was climaxed with a lovely Welcome dinner that reinvigorated every tired souls (from journey stresses) back into life. From starters, through main course, to the dessert, I think everyone had a nice and yummy evening.

Amidst the merriment and hellos, Professor Bothma took some moment to give us insights about the Carnegie CPD Programme – its genesis, progress and outlooks. He was glad we all made it to Pretoria but warned that the four weeks ahead would be tedious, strenuous and engaging. He stressed the idea of us being one family and charged us to work hard in order to meet up with the requirement to obtain the certificate for the training.

The academic Director of the Carnegie CPD, Dr. Marlene was also present and gave some charge concerning what we should expect, stressing the importance of keeping to time for all classes.

On Sunday, the CPD programme progressed with the Click up training and logistics to get everything set for Monday. From individual introduction to laptop configuration for internet access, as well as a detailed explanation of what will transpire in the next four weeks. By the time Dr. Marlene was rounding up with us on Sunday, she was wondering where the smiles on our faces traveled to as we were struck by the enormity of the work at hand.

With what we know now, it’s going to be a loaded four-week for all participants in the Carnegie CPD Training Intake 9, but I guess we are ready for the challenge.


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